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G-120 Probat 2 bag with cooler-roaster PLc contro

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G-120 Probat 2 bag with cooler-roaster PLc contro Sold
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Problem, Regional company needs to control smoke on roaster and cooler and needs it on an older style roaster.
Had spent lots of money before and it did not work and was told it could not be done.

Cure,,, call Roasters Exchange!

They wanted to hand control the roast, have modern safetys,
and run the cooler into the Afterburner also. Many said it could not be done..WE proved it could. Passes code in Downtown Seattle, Allen Bradley PLC for control with good design of System and some good tuning and programing on site by our Paul and install by Jeff and Crew! That-a-boy!
Does it with a smaller afterburner then the two installed from the last company they purchased afterburners from that were installed on smaller roasters that did not work.
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